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Basic Principles Implications:

  • Weekly Tract Drops going to strategic areas and witnessing with tracts.
  • Vacation Bible school during the Christmas, Easter holidays or summer of 2008.
  • Clown teams will have opportunities to go into schools, city parks, churches, & villages to minister before an evangelistic film showing. Each team must be equipped with their own costumes, make-up, routines and bag of tricks. etc…
  • Construction teams could include the following:

A. Painting Teams in which participants will assist local churches in general building maintenance.

B. Church Building Teams as participants literally help build a worship facility for a local community of believers.

C. Roof Project Teams will oversee the repairs of roofs on church facilities and individual homes.

D. House Repairs Teams will be involved in the repair of some of the area individual homes.

  • Prayer Walk Teams to walk through areas of San Andres
  • Sports Tournament Teams host sports tournaments as an evangelistic outreach. (Volleyball, basketball and soccer are popular sports here.)
  • The Arts Ministry Teams to use the performing arts like clowns, dance, mime and drama as an out reach tool.
  • Teaching Teams in which classes designed to build up and equip the local Mexican Body of Christ will be conducted.
  • Medical Teams: Come in with educational seminars on nutrition, diet, hygiene, etc…as well as work alongside local doctors in specialized clinics.

Anyone interested in helping with a project may notify the Warrens at their Mexico addresses

We have outgrown our church building and are seeking the Lord about a larger one.

This reception hall is a possibility.



Casa de Gloria Ministries



August 2009

Dear friends and Family,

We are excited to be writing this letter to you! As many of you know, God established a church we call Casa de Gloria in a small 30'X16' divided-up portion of an old Ex-Movie theatre's projection room in the downtown area of San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico back in 2002 where no other evangelical church existed. But now we have literally outgrown this building space. We are also stagnating our growth because who wants to continue to come to an already overcrowded church and stand up in the hot little room with low ceilings every Sunday? We currently crowd, at times, over 100 people in our services with some peering in from the windows outside. We have always felt God has called us to the central part of town and refuse to give up the land we have possessed since then. We have been looking to buy a much larger place we can call our own Mission Headquarters in this area of town for several years now.

An opportunity to buy a reception hall downtown has recently come to our attention. We would like for you to pray with us about His will to buy it and what the Lord would have YOU do concerning this awesome opportunity. It is our desire for you to feel apart of what God is doing in our area of Mexico.

Our vision is to have a large facility that will not only meet the needs of our local church body and ministry but the whole community as well.

This reception hall is ideally and centrically located with plenty of public transportation at its doorsteps (bus and taxis). It is a corner lot, completely walled in for protection, comes equipped with chairs, tables, and a license to legally rent the building to large groups like weddings and XV Birthday receptions. It is something we would be able to move into right away with little or no renovation and hold our services. We believe it has plenty of room for all our current activities such as the Public Lending Library, Clothing Bank, International Curriculum Video Bible School, English classes, Sunday morning services, Youth Group, Sunday school classes, and so much more.

It really has the potential to be a great Missions Headquarters!

Since 2004, the members of Casa de Gloria have been working faithfully to earn the money to purchase a new larger facility to call our own. We have saved every offering and money earned from recyclables, candy, popcorn, & tamale sales, raffles, and bazaars, which comes to a little over $120,000 pesos left over from the money invested on the building project at our new church plant location in the village of Morelos in the outskirts of town. ($10,000 +/- U.S. with the current value of 13-1) but sad to say much more is required to purchase this facility.

Contrary to what you may believe, the price of living here is not cheap. The owner of the property in question is asking $2 Million Pesos for the hall but our negotiator seems to believe he MAY accept a lower offer of $1 ½ Million pesos; paying ½ now and the other ½ within the year. (The conversion rate at 13-1, which varies daily, would be approx. $120,000 DOLLARS) Our problem at the moment is that we cannot negotiate if we don't have the funds to back up our offer.

This is where you come in. Please prayerfully consider helping us obtain this building. Maybe your church, church group or organization is looking for a Mission Project. Maybe you would like to organize a fund raiser and channel the proceeds from your bake sale, spaghetti dinner, garage sale, carwash, Sadie Hawkins Dance, help us buy this reception hall for our new Church Building/ Missions Headquarters.

OR if you know of a church, organization, family, or individual who might be interested in helping us purchase this property, please forward this information on to them or let us know so we may contact them. We will be available upon request to come and share our vision with you at your convenience as time is of the essence!

We plan to be stateside the end of September, all of October and the first week of November if anyone would like to discuss how they can get involved in this worthy project because now IS a great and strategic time to sow into the ministry God has given us here in San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico! We believe we need to act now if we are to GROW as a church! Believe with us that God will open more doors in which we can share our vision.

If you feel God is calling you to donate towards the purchase of this facility;

You may make a TAX DEDUCTABLE contribution made payable to our home church:

Grace Harbor Family Church and note Warren's building fund in the memo and

Mail it to our stateside address.


For a NON-TAX DEDUCTABLE DONATION you may send your check or money order made payable to us and mail it directly to our stateside address:

Pat & Karen Warren, 20042 East Bell Road, Amite, LA. 70422.

Thank you for respectfully and prayerfully considering helping us acquire a new church facility. May God bless you richly.

Forever trusting in HIM,

The Warren Warriors

Call us in October on our US Cell: 985-981-9865

Or write us an email: